Roo's Wish
  • Our mission is to improve the journey of a foster child any way possible!



Because of Y-O-U!

In the past 12 months, with the help of our AMAZING COMMUNITY, Roo’s Wish was able to keep our local DCBS office stocked with enough luggage and blankets that they NEVER once ran out: 6,000 pieces. In addition, we have donated 1,300 stuffed Christmas stockings, 100 jackets & hoodies, 300 pairs of shoes, night lights, socks and much more! We also remodeled 12 foster visitation rooms in 5 different counties! 

But we can't stop now! Children are coming into care at an alarming rate. We need to make sure that no child is handed a trash bag to collect their belongings, as well as continuing to give them not only items that they need, but items that help them feel special. 

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Roo's Wish 

Roo's Wish

We are collecting luggage, duffle bags and blankets for children entering foster care so that they are not handed a trash bag to collect their belongings and that they always have a blanket to wrap...

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